Conness Strategy and Development was established in 2007 by senior professionals coming from marketing, communication and research areas. Their vision was to introduce the advantages of merging the strategic approach and the analytic mind in Hungary. Conness offers a new viewpoint in the field of marketing.
Our focus is research and brand consulting. The specialty of Conness, beyond the management of traditional research, is the formation and execution of a tailor-made research methodology for every task. We have experience in connecting research tasks and business / marketing goals, strategic-level analysis of research results, translating these results to be useful when setting up marketing goals, and also the formation of business evaluation / efficiency monitoring systems. We usually provide our planning and analysis competences in brand strategy projects.

Since 2011 September, Conness is the professional auditor of the National Readership Survey.

Csaba Atkári
Consultant, Partner

It is curiosity that drives me. What thoughts, what actions, what decisions? And what's more: what consequences? And later: how many are like this out there? That's the reason for sociology. What is the connection between humans and the world that has been constructed by themselves? One is creating, the other is applying it in everyday life. Why create, and why is it suitable for the other? That is the way market research came into the picture. The particles of this world could always be better. So that one has a bigger interest to create and the other can integrate the results better. That is brand strategy. I am fascinated by logical thinking and the chain reaction of effects.
Modus was a school, TNS gave me substantial experience. Conness is more like micro-engineering for special cases. And driving to the countryside also drives me. On the way, I am segmenting other drivers. And there are three little fans on the backseat


Györgyi Groszmann

17 évesen 3 hétig nyári munkás voltam az egyik legnagyobb reklámügynök-ségnél, ott rögtön el is dőlt, hogy a jövőben reklámokkal szeretnék foglalkozni. Azóta megfordultam a marketingkommunikációs iparág 3 szegmensében is: médiaügynökségi (OMD, Berg Média), megbízói (Porsche Hungaria) és média-tulajdonosi (NeoFM) szerepben.

Minden munkámra igaz volt, hogy az hozott lázba leginkább, amikor kutatni és elemezni lehetett valamit. Most végre egész nap ezt csinálhatom. Kedvenc té-mám továbbra is a média és a reklám, de nincs olyan terület, amiben ne találnék érdekességet. Úgy gondolom, hogy lehet piaci felmérések nélkül jó döntést hozni, de lényegesen nagyobb az esély, ha a döntés kutatási adatokon alapszik.

Munkaidőn kívül két kislányommal és férjemmel gyűjtöm az élményeket, próbálom borász ismereteimet elmélyíteni, emellett családi vállalkozásban az ország (szerintünk) legjobb szénsavas almaborát készítgetjük.


Anikó Turóczy

​​College in Szolnok, Hungary. University, in Orléans, France. Training in Paris, then long years at Publicis advertising agency in the Renault group in Budapest and Madrid. I adore languages, cultures, the specialties that can be caught in different peoples' ways of thinking.

In the automotive sector of TNS I could use my communication experience as a strategic consultant. In Conness, I stepped into many new areas beyond the car industry, and I had a chance to show quite a lot of competences from marketing strategy to regional coordination. My favourite projects are those expanding over the borders, having to find the coherence among many different attitudes, opinions and lifestyles.



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