The future experienced today. According to Conness’s way of thinking it looks for the solutions in the future, starting from the present. Because the research and strategic development itself is about forecasting the future. That’s why we conduct researches on special territories that represent the future, like electric driven cars, e-cigarette, consumer attitudes about climate changes or examining the energy and environment-consciousness.  
According to our experiences we can say that everyday people can only describe their thoughts about the future when they already have real tangible results of a given technological novelty (like hybrid drive is less harmful for the environment, e-cigarette is less unhealthy, etc.).
These self-developed surveys of Conness are built up of an inspirational and a revealing phase: during the inspirational phase we determine some questions that will explain the “whys” of the revealing phase. During the reveal we will determine the main attitudes concerning the given topic.
In case of the electric cigarette we have already conducted the inspirational phase’s survey, here below you can read the short summary about it.
The topic of our next survey regarding close future is the hybrid drive; you can find the project set-up on this page as well. We will examine one more theme during 2012 that is renewable energy.


Research about traditional and electric cigarette

The law of 1. Jan. 2012. prohibits smoking in all indoor places. This means from one side the decrease of smoking (that is also supported by the increasing cigarette prices), while it helps spread the dynamically growing sales of electrical cigarette.

The purpose of our survey is to get a deeper knowledge about smoking habits of 25-59 y.o. inhabitants – regarding regularity, place – and the effects of the new law. Beside this we examined the awareness of e-cigarette, the using habits and general attitudes of the target group towards the product.


Hybrid and electric drive

   More and more people think that the future of car driving is that of the electric drive. Majority of car drivers presume that in 10 years electricity will drive the vehicles instead of petrol or gasoline. Worries about the environment are less obvious, while curiosity towards technology can be felt. We are dealing with this duality in our research. What does drive curiosity of men towards electric drive? Is hybrid technology really a transitional period or it is a lot more?
Results are coming soon.